Upfront Preparation Might Guarantee an Excellent Holiday

Planning is key to getting a pleasant holiday. You could start planning some time before it is actually time to pack. All these tips to prepare for your holiday can help you as you are planning your vacation. To start, describe everything you expect from your getaway. No matter if you are heading on to a cozy beach or a animals adventure, your personal local travel agent should be aware of about the sort of hotels which may be significant for you and your family. Should you come to be staying in a typical hotel and you need a scenic view through your accommodations, be sure to talk about it to make sure you definitely won’t be disappointed when you find out you’ve already been assigned a room looking over the parking lot. Vacations that are not directed supply a great deal of mobility. When your itinerary is fully your decision, take the time to explore guides and make up a list of the places you would like to go to or even actions you would like to get involved in during your holiday. When you are preparing for your holiday, do not overlook to check your own passport and those of your own family members which will be touring along to make certain your specifics is current. Along with a certain amount of preparing, you can be sure your holiday intentions are actually a success.

Find The Right Online Dating Site For You Personally

Growing numbers of people are actually making use of the internet to find true love. Even though many folks are even now suspicious, many more have actually been able to start long term personal relationships along with those individuals they meet on the internet. With the surge in interest in dating online, there has been a huge rise of the number of online dating services an individual can go through. Some of these happen to be limited to certain types of individuals, for instance the ones founded upon religion, while others are more geared to everybody. This means it can be difficult to find the best online dating web site for yourself.

Prior to starting making use of online dating sites, you will wish to find the best one for you. Of course, you are not most likely going to prefer to spend time on web-sites that probably aren’t going to assist you to look for the person you’ve always dreamed of. To find out which internet sites are the best and also which ones have a increased possibility of matching up individuals who are suitable, you will desire to browse a number of the online dating site reviews available on the internet. These kinds of critiques are actually created by those who have actually utilized the actual dating web page so they provide guidance for just what you can expect from each site.

As an example, a Review of Fling.com will enable you to learn more about exactly how that website will work and let you know if folks have been successful when using this site. You’ll be able to determine if people have met up with the person they end up actually marrying or perhaps if they had to dig through a lot of poor romantic dates to be able to come across someone compatible. Then of course you’ll be able to determine just how long it had taken before these folks were able to find a special person.

If you’re interested in getting started with dating online, go ahead and begin reading through opinions right now. You’ll be able to read a Fling Review at http://flingreview.tumblr.com to get going on your hunt to uncover the best internet based dating site. Once you’ve located the right website, you may join quickly and begin looking for the man or woman of your dreams. It won’t be a long time before you’re enjoying romantic dates once more and also having a great time.

Death and Dying

Growing up in the Catholic tradition, I was always concerned about the practice of praying for the “faithful departed.” Didn’t those who were faithless, need our prayers even more? It struck me as a subtle scare tactic for the living, implying, you’d better get to church or we won’t pray for you when you’re dead. Perhaps it is a leftover from a time, not so long ago when suicide deaths and deaths of convicted murderers were assumed to be faithless and were not allowed to be buried in a Catholic cemetery with the traditional Catholic rites.

Whether you knew of this, or practices like it, directly or not, you may have internalized its effects. Ask yourself, am I forgivable? Do you bump into a place where you’re not so sure about that one thing? No matter how your loved one died, no matter what you have done in your life, we are all worthy of love now and at the hour of our death and after we pass. The judgment and fear-mongering aside, praying for souls who have departed and honoring ancestors is a practice inspired by love.

In Celtic tradition, Samhain marks the beginning of the pagan year and is considered a time when the veil of separation between life and death becomes thin. Accordingly, it is set aside as a time to honor ancestors and remember the dead. All Saints Day and All Souls Day, evolved out of this, as Christianity ‘spread’ throughout the West. In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of the Essential Phowa is offered for the dying and deceased. According to the Pathwork Guide, in any moment, we are all moving away from or toward the ‘center’ and physical death is the ultimate move toward the center.

“…Grieving is more than learning to live without a dear one. In many cases, we are required to forgive them and ourselves as we bring the story of the time we spent together to meaningful completion… Regardless of what realm a soul is in, when we grieve as a completion, our love and wisdom reach through space and time as a help and a blessing. It is never too late to help those who have died.” ~From Pocketful of Miracles by Joan Borysenko.

The work of grieving is a challenging completion. We first need to believe the loss is real. We need to feel, express and heal the multitude of feelings associated with the ended relationship. Some relationships are more complicated than others. Some deaths are more complicated than others, such as elective or spontaneous abortions, accidents, or violent deaths. We need to let go and we need to find meaning as we move forward. The work of grieving has no prescribed time limit. We do it, when we do it. In fact, some people shelve it for a time when they can get the support they need to do this work. If you have shelved some of your grief work or if you are actively grieving a loss, right now, I’d like to invite you to attend one of my Mourning Out Loud workshops. You don’t have to do it alone.

Kate Holt, Core Energetics Practitioner has a private practice in Marlton, New Jersey. Kate is most passionate about the Core Energetics Evolutionary Process. She works with couples in the Exceptional Marriage Model and teaches and supervises Core Energetics Practitioners in training. Kate leads workshops ongoing process groups.

Slogging Down the Spiritual Path

In this series of articles on the Pathwork, which is my chosen spiritual path (pun intended), I share my experiences in applying this wonderful knowledge to my day to day life.

Warm puppy alert -this material goes beyond platitudes!

First, brief background – the Pathwork is based upon a series of lectures. This first article describes my attempt to personally apply the first Pathwork lecture, entitled “The Sea of Life.” ( Feel free to substitute “Universe” or “Father/Mother/God” or whatever term you want for the Deity to whom I refer to simply as God.)

Now, to the meat. Lately I have been struggling mightily with fear – at times, this fear seems to be completely overwhelming. A self-described work-aholic and often proud of it, like many of us in this recent economic downswing, I’ve seen my savings dwindle, and my sense of financial security go down with it. My normally large workload has dwindled, I have time on my hands, and I feel as if I’m walking on financial eggshells.

I’ve also reached an age of clear maturity where – here’s my self-judgment – I “should have” this licked by now. So, now I’m not only in fear, but I’m angry at myself. If only I hadn’t left that secure job; if only I hadn’t made that investment. My mind races around and around in a kind of toxic anger around my old bone of job security. If I were looking in a mirror now, I’d be wagging my finger at myself, frowning -“You could have done better!”

Bottom line, I hate feeling out of control, and I spend a lot of time trying avoid it. (Fellow financial security control-freaks – Unite!)

So enough about me – what do you think about me? (Just kidding).

What does the “Sea of Life” say about my dilemma? (as an aside, I recommend you read each Pathwork Lecture directly, and not rely on my interpretation – clearly I have a way to go before spiritual Masterhood).

Interestingly enough (and I do believe there are no coincidences along the spiritual path), the lecture focuses on weathering life’s storms.

But the focus is not on conquering fear, but staving it off in the first place, by cultivating a commitment to radical Truth with a capital “T”. Purification, within the Pathwork, is the eradication of false self-knowledge as reflected not only in our actions, words, and deeds, or even further in our thoughts, but also in the shadowy realm of emotions, where the unconscious often rules.

(This is an interesting choice of a spiritual path for a control freak, isn’t it?)

To the extent we lie to ourselves, we cannot fulfill the tasks that bring us to this world, and we also are unable to captain the ship of our lives.

Purification – first in deed, then thought, then finally emotion – demands a foregoing of vanity and resistance, a willingness to face the darkest aspect of ourselves in the bright light of self-analysis.

So, must us indulge in a Shakespearean pause here, and in the spirit of the lecture, share a difficult self-discovery. I’ve come to be aware that much of the unbalanced feeling I’ve had is indeed of my own doing (surprise, surprise). I have a bit of an addiction (OK, perhaps more than a bit) to spending unnecessarily that contributes to my current sense of financial instability. And truth be told, and I am committed to truth here, like most addictions mine incorporates a relatively pathetic “high” (I like projecting success to others with new clothing, etc.) and a sickly “low” (on some level I realize that this is self-punishing behavior – which perhaps that person the mirror deserves?).

There are many threads to my spending addiction tapestry – this is but one.

But beyond this (did you have a chance yet to say what you wanted to say about me?) – there is surprising spiritual invitation. These are the kinds of profound twists of wisdom that I just love about the Pathwork!

And this spiritual invitation- beyond the life commitment to maintaining the good spiritual hygiene relating to complete self-honesty in action, thought and feeling – is to go beyond simple beseeching in prayer (please God let them not let me go!) to be of service to God (how can I be of service to You today?)

Interesting thought. Must us pause once again. Here I am, quaking in fear, feeling at my littlest in capacity and capability, being a good spiritual soldier and doing my best to remain in Truth with a capital “T,” and the recommendation is to ask God what I can do for Him/Her (?)

(Does God need a Personal Shopper? If so – I’m so there!

As an aside, one of my favorite all time books is ABSENCE of FELICITY, about the experiences of Helen Shucman, one of the authors of a COURSE in MIRACLES. Helen had a close relationship with Jesus Christ, with whom the COURSE material originated, and would often converse with him silently as she went about her life. When Helen would go clothing shopping, Jesus would recommend a particular outfit he liked – and Helen would often refuse to buy it. Thus her hilarious – “absence” of felicity.

So, who’s to say I can’t be of service by offering up my highly refined shopping mall skills?)

The Dark Night of the Soul – that transformative moment when we finally know life has brought us to our figurative if not literal knees, and we turn to a Higher Power for help…but also, offer ourselves as helper to that Higher Power in the same moment?

This has the deep paradoxical and unexpected ring of spiritual truth.

Let’s close on a happy thought. Perhaps that is the reason I am writing this to you, dear reader, right now. This is my Service.

Perhaps this communication is part of a higher Plan, and the revealing of my fears, addiction and struggles can help. At the very least, help others not to feel so very alone when they chastise that person in the mirror.

Learning the Tarot

This article looks at a number of ways to gather information to understand a card using our intuitive mind, our intellectual mind and our unconscious to bring forth the inspiration we seek when reading the tarot for ourselves – this in turn feeds our well of experience to draw upon when reading for others.

Often when we read tarot for ourselves with the Thoth, we have a position in the spread which is the main focal point – it might be the outcome card, it might be the ‘card to focus on’ it might be the ‘key’. Whichever it is the card that we are most drawn to and seek answers from. Sometimes in readings this card is the very one that we understand the least – or in this particular reading it seems not to provide the direct answers we usually gain or expect. This is a good time to build your tarot knowledge, both in a traditional way and in a very personal way.

These, perhaps confusing, yet central cards hold a key for us. There are a number of different ways to approach this:

  • the academic study
  • the meditation
  • the journey
  • the holding the card with you through life

I want to focus on the last of these here this month, but before I do I will briefly talk about the others as you can use all these together to enhance the understanding and inspiration you can gather from your cards.

The first is to go to the books you have, the online resources you have access to and to read all anyone has ever seen in the card and go with those statements and concepts you have a intuitive reaction to. You are starting to gain a deeper understanding of the card and how it relates to you specifically in your situation and you are adding to your remembered bank of card meanings.

In this section I would also include studying the things that have been associated with the card by the deck creator, so you may also be going to references about the astrological associations of the Thoth card you have, the Kabbalistic position of the card, the meanings of the sephiroth or path connected to the card etc. Perhaps even looking further into that into the associations from the Kabbalah correspondences.

All of this can lead to great depth and often when we experience a one of card’s many meanings it stays with us much more strongly than others we have just read about. So picking out the parts that you feel a ah-ha with of a click is a powerful way of learning.

Then we come to the second way of working with the card – to do a traditional meditation on the card – sitting quietly and still in front of the card and allowing the different parts of the card to draw you and to wash over you – once quiet within and at peace with the card then you can allow intuitive understanding and inner wisdom to arise within the session. Also within this there is the Inner Discursive method of meditation where you can allow yourself to first describe the images you see within the card and the to allow yourself to think about what this image means and what other concepts and situations also are connected with the image.

There is then the creative visualisation, pathworking or journeying technique where you prepare yourself for an inner journey in your usual manner and then allow yourself to walk directly into the card, initially seeing some or all of the pictures on the card but as you progress you see the environments change and you may travel on a very personal journey into different terrain even with the same card on separate occasions. This gains you intuitive insight as you assess and reflect on your journey after you return you ordinary consciousness.

Then we come to allowing the card to work with you.

In many ways this allows all the above to process within you – but it can also be done on its own. You look at the image and see it clearly in your minds eye, then you take it with you in your mind as you go about your day to day activities. You set your unconscious mind to work on the issue of finding this cards true message to you. As you intend this you then can forgot about the card and watch out for patterns of action, behaviour or events around you in your day. Any time something stands out to you hold the card in your mind and against the activity or event.

Ask yourself what is the connection between these two things – if any?

  • Sometimes a connection will clearly be made and you can log this as a confirmation of a certain slant of meaning of this card at this time for you.
  • Other times there is a tenuous connection – this you can hold in a ‘maybe this’ pile and wait for further confirmation or a missing link between two things the card and that event to show itself to you.
  • Sometimes there will be no connection – here you can leave the situation as being about a different part of the process you are in currently – perhaps it relates to one of the other cards in your reading, perhaps it is just in a different realm of your life.

You can also look out for connections between your thoughts on the topic you have asked about, when you find yourself reflecting on the issue and exploring it in its own nature then remembering the card and looking for these same connections, the card its images, energy and possible meaning and the relation of this to your situation of enquiry.

As we set intentions like this with our unconscious often these processes of inner analysis take place almost by themselves, we come in and out of awareness of the process through our day. As we become more conscious of this process we start to become conscious of our own intuitive and inner being knowledge making its voice known in our conscious world – we come to know what we have been seeking for, often triggered by the tarot, and sometimes feeding back into a depth of knowledge of the tarot for future use with others.

Have a go at this process yourself, see it working in your life. All the processing of understanding the meaning of the card to you are valid and worthwhile, and if we use them together then our learning process becomes a very rich and personal experience which accelerates our own inner growth and the skills we have to offer others.

I have been reading the tarot for 22 years focusing mainly on the Thoth deck and its wonderous images. My background as a counsellor and counselling trainer has informed my use of this deck and I find it very powerful to work with. I offer online training now with the Thoth tarot deck exploring its use from psychological and intuitive perspectives. I also work with people helping them develop their intuition. I offer MP3 visualisations, tarot readings, telephone and face to face. I live in North Wales with my husband and son.


Energy Healing

Barbara Brennan is a leading authority on energy healing. Her book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, has become a kind of bible in the field of spiritual healing. This article explores the world of energy healing and Barbara Brennan’s healing science.

Barbara Brennan’s energy healing or healing science describes a model of the human body that includes chakras (focal points for the reception and transmission of cosmic energy) and auras (fields of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding the body). Energy healing is based on an esoteric understanding of how the human energy fields interact with each other and how to reconnect lines that become broken.

Brennan’s teachings describe a seven-layer model of the human energy field, each layer being structured of differing frequencies and kinds of energy and performing different functions. All disease begins as a distortion on the 7th level of the auric field and works its way down through the layers of the aura into the physical body.

During the healing process the healer works intimately with these levels of the auric field and with the chakras. Brennan believes she can teach people to work on these energy levels to heal patients. She started the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to train professional healers.

There is far more to Barbara Brennan’s healing science than mapping energy fields. Her biography would make fascinating reading. She earned a degree in Physics and worked for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Later, she worked with Eva and John Pierrakos, who founded a system for self-transformation called the Pathwork.

Eva Pierrakos channeled lectures from a spiritual entity that came to be called “the Guide.” The lecture material offered profound insight into the nature of life. John Pierrakos worked with Dr Wilhelm Reich who discovered a physical, biological energy in all living matter that he called “orgone.”

It is easy to see the influence of Eva and John Pierrakos and the Pathwork in Brennan’s healing science. She worked with them and became a practitioner in Pathwork and core energetics. Core energetics is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformative process of healing.

Brennan says she receives intuitive messages about her clients during sessions. Her books draw on messages channeled from Heyoan, who she describes as her spiritual guide. It all adds up to a woman who is profoundly intelligent and deeply spiritual.

I’m still not convinced the focus on energy is anything more than a dead end in the search for the key to healing. Beneficial results are more likely due to mental interaction between the healer and patient. That being said, Dr. Brennan sounds like a fascinating teacher. Her book, Hands of Light is must reading for anyone who wants to know more about her teachings and her healing science.



Brain Entrainment Technology For The Experimental Occultist

For the experimental occultist, so long as he or she is healthy in body and mind, there is nothing wrong with the possibility of using any form of modern technology to assist in generating the states of mind that are required to achieve something occult.Taking into account that occultism is about altered states of consciousness, it becomes essential that the operator learns what it feels like to be in certain states of mind.

Each brain wave frequency has its own emotion, which, rather like a good relationship, can be experienced, and known by the experience of it, but can’t always be described in any way that will give full and complete knowledge of the experience. Thus, after a period of time, one will be able to know through the experience that one has reached an alpha state, a deep theta state and so on and so forth.

With this in depth, personal knowledge that comes from experience, and combined with standard religious or occult methods such as mantra, meditation, prayer, ritual or ceremony, one gets, at times, better control (health of body and mind at the time permitting) over ones own brain and body. On top of that one can also gain a better grasp as to what effect a particular experience has had upon one, if one knows the states of mind associated with different frequencies.

The best technology that we have for this, is that of brain entrainment. Never use it if you have any form of seizure complaint such as epilepsy. Some migraine sufferers might find it brings on migraines so be careful. If you get any negative symptoms, consult your doctor.

Now the disclaimer is over, I can discuss with you how you can use it. Take a period of time to get to know a particular frequency. For instance, only do alpha entrainment to get to know what it feels like. After that period of time (maybe many months or weeks), try another. Feel that state of mind, get used to doing it, let the brain grow so that it becomes easier to get into that frequency on demand.

Initially it might even seem like hard work lying on your back with the mind machine goggles over your eyes and experiencing the frequency, but that is a natural side effect. The brain has to learn it, to learn to be manipulated by the machine and to learn the precise frequencies that you are exploring. This takes time. It can take up to ninety days for the neurogenesis (growing new brain cells) and neuroplasticity (developing new connections between brain cells) effect to really kick in, so practice.

Every entrainment is different. Explore it. Are there some meditations you are better at under some frequencies of brain activity? Are there some that you are worse at? Learn to use that in your practices. Also research what science says. If science says for instance, that a gamma frequency is often reached before a person “takes off” and has an apparent out of body experience, then it would make sense that a good entrainment to create, to use or buy, would be one that starts off relaxing you and then moves you to a higher frequency, above 30 cycles per second, but still a harmonic of the lower meditation frequency that you were using to help you to relax.

Also, if the gamma frequency is associated with certain types of religious euphoria, then why not entrain gamma and learn to enter that state of mind by hypnotic suggestion when you are doing a ritual that is geared towards third eye meditations?

The possibilities are more or less limitless, but you have to know the brain and the body, and that requires intelligent self study. If you can’t be objective to the quantity of things that you don’t know then the occult never was right for you in the first place. Self honesty can save your sanity!

But what about the lower frequencies, the theta waves? These seem to be important for mind body interconnectivity rather then some kinds of “dizzy” astral work or spiritual ecstasy. It becomes essential to learn these base frequencies so that one can affect, to a minuscule, but sometimes noticeable degree, one’s own circulation and possibly with sufficient in depth visualisation and breath control, something more profound.

In my youth I used this to make it less likely that I would throw up after a heavy drinking binge, and later in life I have found it essential to help both my digestion and at times, my circulation. They are also essential (or so it seems) for a pathworking exercise (visualised journey) and the shamanistic investigation of ones own or others body.

Brain entrainment technology, for those who don’t have seizure complaints, appears to be the best form of self training technology for anyone who wants to learn to generate some strange experiences. Naturally from a rational perspective, we cannot say that there is any hard and fast objective reality to anything that we experience in “the spirit”, but the very fact that we can have these strange experiences, angel experiences, astral projections, sharing dreams with people and more experiences more numerous and wondrous than I can possibly explain, shows me one thing, that the universe is even more miraculous than we humans have the capacity to understand.


The Pathwork® is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being. It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear.